Mindfulness & Meditation Course 1 | Health & Wellbeing


Learn to introduce the benefits of mindfulness into your everyday life through the simple practice of meditation with Gareth Lovelock.
The full price for the 8 week course is £150.00, payable in advance | book before 25 February using code MINDFUL20 to get 20% off

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The benefits of mindfulness and meditation are well recognised and scientific studies over the last 50 years highlight the benefits of a regular practice. In almost all walks of life. From the intellectual to the emotional and the physical, mindfulness and meditation eases the stresses and strains our everyday lives can put on us. Research covers everything from the internal to the external; dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, improved work and personal relationships, all the way to public speaking and live performance.

The process itself is easy, introducing a meaningful, daily practice is not always so simple. That’s where we come in. By the end of your eight weeks you will already be experiencing the benefits and be well on your way to a lifetime practice that will, literally, change your life for the better.


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